Is This Our Favorite RV Resort? Thousand Trails Orlando

Thousand Trails Orlando is one of the largest RV resorts you will come across in your travels. They boast over 1100 sites at the park, and they all have full hookups except for one smaller section; they are all 50amp hookups. So every month’s calendar date is filled with many activities and amenities to keep […]

Greatest Hikes of Sedona

Are you looking for the greatest hikes of Sedona? Look no further! Here are five of our favorite trails that will refresh and inspire you. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just starting, there’s something for everyone in Sedona. So grab your water bottle and get ready to explore some of the most beautiful landscapes […]

Bucket List Destinations in The Great Smokey Mountains

Are you looking for an adventure that the whole family can enjoy? Or maybe something a little more exciting than a trip to the local park? How about a visit to America’s most visited National Park – The Great Smoky Mountains! It might be counterintuitive to visit somewhere many people visit, but it is worth […]

What to do while in New River Gorge National Park

New River Gorge, West Virginia, USA

Wondering what to do in the New River Gorge region of West Virginia? We recently spent a few days in the park and have some adventurous ideas to share about things to do in America’s newest National Park. Do you like to dine out?  Are you a thrill seeker? Do you often hike or rock […]

Longest 20 Minutes of My Life | An Epipen Experience

Originally published August 14th, 2014 Last night, we experienced our worst parental fears in the life of an allergy kid.   I guess we knew it would happen. Eventually; we were just extremely proud of our 3-year track record of defending our little angel from the foods her body considers toxic.   To set the scene, she […]

What’s the tightest campground we’ve ever parked in?

We recently camped at what was one of the tightest campgrounds we’ve ever been in with our 5th wheel.  It’s not that the campground was small, so much as there were TONS of trees and obstacles that our 42ft trailer just didn’t play nice with.  Honestly, most New England campgrounds are similar to this one […]

Riding our Bikes along the Cape Cod Canal Bike Path

As long as you don’t say we are in Sandwich, MA you are fine.  (Jen hates that name for a town) Follow along with us as we get ready for and travel to the bike path along the Cape Cod Canal.  About 20 minutes from the Gateway to Cape Cod RV Resort, the path was […]

Have You Seen Martians? | Carlsbad Caverns National Park

We had to spend a few extra days at Big Bend National Park because there were incredibly high winds in our travel path.  (See the Big Bend Posts Here) When it was safe to leave we decided to go to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The drive was about 5 hours in total, so we mapped our trip to […]

Our Terrifying First Boondocking Experience | Buckey Hills Arizona

Our first boondocking experience was anything but terrifying, now that we get to look back at it and smile.  In fact, it was a pleasant surprise despite our biggest fears, but we had to claw our way to that feeling of comfort, one cactus at a time.  When we set out to explore the US […]

What to do in the Rain while Camping

This is an easy post.  What things can you do in the rain while you are camping or RVing.  Well you could play cards, board games, video games… All kinds of great activities.  Since we were just coming off of a few days of rainy weather while staying in Columbus Texas, our favorite activity is […]

Can you believe that Prada would not let us in!

Unbelievable that we drove all that way, down miles and miles of road without cell phone service for what seemed like hours… (wait it was – HOURS) just to arrive at the steps of Prada’s anchor store and be LOCKED OUT!  Don’t they know who we are!?!?! 

RVing in Columbus Texas Version 2.0

The day we drove into Columbus Texas we boondocked in a Walmart parking lot until our reservations began at Colorado River RV.  When we woke up, who would have thought you could witness the most amazing sunrise ever in a Walmart parking lot??   (The water in the foreground is a huge puddle in the parking […]

An Open Letter to Thousand Trails

Rving With Friends

To all who keep Thousand Trails running and the management at Palm Springs RV Resort,   I wanted to take a minute out to show my appreciation for the community you have been building here at Palm Springs RV Resort.    Last Sunday, (Super Bowl Sunday) two couples, and 7 families decided to put together […]