Is Balanced Rock (Big Bend National Park) worth the hike?

Our RV trip to Big Bend

This post is partially narrated by Leighton and Shayla as part of their homeschool, writing practice, typing practice, and spelling practice.   As the title suggests… We asked ourselves the same question when we first were looking for an easy late day hike in Big Bend National Park.  Is Balanced Rock worth the trip?  For […]

Boondocking Near Joshua Tree National Park

So after our  Yeah, you should fit.  The Cul De Sac of Hell.  experience (click the title to read that post), we were scrambling to find a new location to set up camp for the next few days.  All we had to do now was travel outside Joshua Tree National Park, to get some cell […]

Our Episode of GoingRV is Finally Airing on the GAC Network!

We are finally getting to see how our episode turned out for the TV show GoingRV on the Great American Country network.  The premiere episode airs June 29th at 9PM on the GAC network.   Here is some of the back story to the episode’s filming and how it all came to be. When we […]

Yeah, you should fit. The Cul De Sac of Hell. Joshua Tree National Park.

“Yeah you should fit” With those reassuring words from the rather confident park ranger, we gladly dished out our $80 for a National Park Annual Pass, and headed into the park.  (We just bought an annual pass knowing we would be seeing other parks) Prior to arriving at the north entrance of Joshua Tree National […]

Our 1st Boondocking Experience | 360 deg Photos | Dr Shayla

For the past year, I’ve been prepping myself with information on what it takes to sustain camping in an unplugged, self sufficient location.  Everyplace we’ve camped to this point has been at paid campgrounds with full facilities and hookups.   With Arizona’s plethora of free BLM land,  we knew we wanted to at least try boondocking […]

Mountains and White Sand | New Mexico

After our impromptu extended stay in Texas we hit the pavement bright and early towards Las Cruces, New Mexico.  A 543 Mile trip.  It was a double length trip since we opted to stay 2 days in a place we hadn’t planned.   Consider the long drive a “penalty” for fun and spontaneous behavior.  Thank you […]

Floppy Socks Gauze and a Hoedown | Fredericksburg TX

With a freezer full of beef and a full tank of gas, we were set to work our way onward towards El Paso then onto New Mexico.  The night before we left, however; we got the notion to visit the town of Fredericksburg for an evening.   The recommendation came from a gentleman at a […]

The Alamo | Laundry Basket Rides | Deer

After our four day stay in Columbus, Texas; we headed directly west a couple of hours to Medina Lake, Texas.  Getting out and hitting the road bright and early has not been as easy as we were hoping for.   It seems that always on the days we want to get out early, there are […]

First Stop in Texas | Powerball | Meatballs

Our plan to cross the country really begins to develop as we enter Texas.   Everything leading up to this point was really an exodus from the cold weather of New England.  We specifically wanted to immerse ourselves in Texan culture for a week or two once we got here and this was our first […]

Jambalaya | Our Trailer is Not Long Enough for Louisiana

Initially we planned to stay near New Orleans, possibly Baton Rouge; but ultimately we just opted to get through Louisiana to add a few more working days to our next stop after Louisiana.  We were looking for an overnight stay and found a great location called Hidden Oaks Family Campground.    At first glance the location, […]

Punish the Deed Not the Breed | Mississippi Overnight

We knew heading out into this journey that travelling with a pitbull was going to give us some hiccups.   We have joined a few travel clubs in order to get discounts on camping fees, etc.  What seems to be the best discount club out there is the Passport America club.  It has a low […]

GPS Fail | Little River Waterfall Alabama

After our two day stay in Tennessee working and exploring the Caverns, we made the trip to our next destination.  Sweet Home Alabama.  Little River RV Park to be specific.   Everything seemed to be on track for a smooth trip, but strangely the GPS started adding time for no reason.  Jen double checked the […]

Volunteer State | Frozen Water Hoses | Caverns

Tennessee Caverns, Appalachian Caverns, Photos

After our stay in Maryland, our next destination was Bluff City, Tennessee.   A relatively small campground located about 10 minutes from Bristol Motor Speedway for you NASCAR fans.  Since our stay was early January and COMPLETELY off season, we got to use our Passport America discount and stay for 50% off.  This time of year […]

The Journey Begins | Snapping Toe Nails | National Basilica

Officially we hit the road.  The main goal is to get out of New England ahead of any weather as we can.  Ultimately all I really wanted to do is to get through New York.  I think anyone who drives anything 60ft long would agree; any time you successfully make it through the NYC area you […]