Punish the Deed Not the Breed | Mississippi Overnight

We knew heading out into this journey that travelling with a pitbull was going to give us some hiccups.   We have joined a few travel clubs in order to get discounts on camping fees, etc.  What seems to be the best discount club out there is the Passport America club.  It has a low membership fee, and offers 50% off regular rates at thousands of campgrounds.   2016-02-02_0004

While traveling through Alabama we decided tobreak up our drive with a stay overnight in Meridian, Mississippi.

Benchmark Coach & RV Park was the park that we found through the Passport America handbook.   It was one of the very few in Mississippi that didn’t state that “Dog Restrictions” were part of their policy.

We hesitated a little on this campground because their website info, and their listing in PA had some negative karma.  Lots of DON’T do this, and MUST SHOW that, and WILL NOT be this, and CAN NOT do that.

Ultimately we checked in, got settled and made ourselves home.  Then noticed on the paperwork that Pitbulls were not allowed.  Wasn’t really a big deal though, because; 1) we weren’t moving and 2) Cole was more than happy to play the roll of an injured long haired Irish princess setter.   2016-02-02_0001

I took a walk with Cole out of the RV park and down a side road, and to be completely honest with you; it was a sketchy area and not the most comfortable of surroundings.  There were some pretty run down homes in the area.  The RV park was nice enough though and completely safe.

2016-02-02_0002 2016-02-02_0003

One amazing thing that happened, was our meeting the neighbor with the red RAM.  He and I talked about trucks and trailers for about 30 minutes and I got a whole bunch of information from him.  Later that evening, he knocked on our door and asked if we needed anything from Walmart.   Initially the answer was no thank you, but then realizing that we needed some more rolls of the coveted Scotts RV toilet paper; we asked if he could get us a pack.

After about an hour he returned with two packages of TP and COMPLETELY refused to take our money for it.  He insisted that we enjoy our journey and remember him as one of the positives of our trip.  Well Thank You Smitty!  You are one of the positives for sure.    2016-02-02_0005All in all the RV park was nice, level and large open sites.  I especially loved the marine style hookup posts.    A bit of extra quality that I am not sure many people appreciate.  Mississippi has been the first state that had warmer weather since our travels from New England.  That was a welcomed change. 2016-02-02_0006

Well bright and early we are off to Louisiana!