Jambalaya | Our Trailer is Not Long Enough for Louisiana

Initially we planned to stay near New Orleans, possibly Baton Rouge; but ultimately we just opted to get through Louisiana to add a few more working days to our next stop after Louisiana.  We were looking for an overnight stay and found a great location called Hidden Oaks Family Campground.    At first glance the location, proximity to the highway and the Passport America recommendation all looked good. 

We decided on this location and started driving.  Looking further into the details of the long list of RULES that their website had, we learned that our  buddy Cole was not allowed.

1.       NO pit bulls, Rottweiler’s or vicious dogs allowed!

Well,  on to the next plan and a much cooler campground.

After we realized that we would need to find another place to stay we just opted to find an empty parking lot, relax, make lunch and a little exercise before continuing on our trek.

Poches RV Fish Park LA 0001

Poches RV Fish Park LA 0002Jen did some digging and found a little gem of a park called Poche’s RV Park.  1080 SAWMILL HWY BREAUX BRIDGE, LA 70517   If we were a fishing family this place is the holy grail of campgrounds.   Apparently everyone knows about it because we found ourselves there early on a Friday afternoon all alone,Poches RV Fish Park LA 0009but ended up with a full campground by the evening.

Every site is right on the lake and ours was no exception.

Poches RV Fish Park LA 0003 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0004 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0005This is the cool family lodge.   Poches RV Fish Park LA 0006Some photos of Leighton’s.  She was obsessed with using the Leica over her own camera.   Poches RV Fish Park LA 0007Like father, like daughter Poches RV Fish Park LA 0008Meanwhile, as Leighton and I go on our photo excursion, Shayla and Mommy have some reading time.   Poches RV Fish Park LA 0010 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0011 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0012 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0013 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0014As per the title of this blog post, I quickly realized that our trailer needed to tow another trailer just to fit in.  EVERYONE who pulled in came in like this.  Truck pulling a fifth wheel, pulling a toy trailer.   Poches RV Fish Park LA 0015 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0016 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0017The two “plumbers” pretending to fish in the lake.   During this time playing Leighton was throwing rocks into the pond and accidentally threw her special Mima bracelet into the water.   It slipped off her wrist as she was skipping stones and was quite upset for a few days.  Poches RV Fish Park LA 0018 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0019Here come the crew.  Poches RV Fish Park LA 0020 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0021In honor of being in Louisiana, Jen made one of the best Jambalayas I’ve ever had.  We are going to need to replicate this with a recipe for everyone.  It ended up being Shayla Free (Top 8 Allergen Free) and tasted amazing.   Poches RV Fish Park LA 0022 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0023 Poches RV Fish Park LA 0024Cole found the ultimate headrest during this trip.   Now he is just not content unless the cooler is in the proper position.