Floppy Socks Gauze and a Hoedown | Fredericksburg TX

With a freezer full of beef and a full tank of gas, we were set to work our way onward towards El Paso then onto New Mexico.  The night before we left, however; we got the notion to visit the town of Fredericksburg for an evening.   The recommendation came from a gentleman at a bar that Jen was talking to while working through lunch and using up the bar’s free WiFi.  2016-03-24_0001Wifi and reliable internet is quickly becoming a major problem for us. As expected, most places that boast free Wifi offer the slowest data rates I’ve seen sing my dial up modem days.

Upon arrival in Fredericksburg, TX we decided to stay at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Campground.   We chuckled at the reviews online.   As with so many reviewers, the issues they take up are so comical at times that you have to laugh.   One of the major complaints about the park was that of airplane noise.   Um…. it is located next to an airport.    What did you think? 2016-03-24_0002After about a 2 hour drive we set up quickly and headed out to see what the town was all about.  We walked up and down the bustling main street and ultimately opted to settle into a fun looking wine tasting gallery called Six Shooters Cellars.  2016-03-24_0003They sample wines from many different vineyards across Texas.   2016-03-24_0004Leighton and Shayla both created some propaganda art to leave with the bartenders at the tasting room.   Notice the hashtag Leighton is starting to leave everywhere.  2016-03-24_0005In an old schoolhouse adjacent to the tasting room was a gentleman playing the guitar to an empty room.  Well, the girls quickly filled that room with laughter and dancing.   They made their own little hoedown.  2016-03-24_0006 2016-03-24_0007After busy afternoon, we set out to have some of our new TX burgers and think about tomorrow’s plans.  2016-03-24_0008A lot of people ask us where Cole sleeps when we are parked.  If he isn’t with us in the truck you will definitely find him on the sofa, tangled up in a warm blanket.    (Side note, EVERY campsite had it’s own trash can  :-)) 2016-03-24_0009We woke up partially chilled and ready to go to church the next morning.  Over a delicious breakfast of organic cereal and oat milk, we decided that we should just stay another day in Fredericksburg and see what else it might have to offer.    We specifically wanted to seek out an outdoor activity and quickly learned of a place nearby called Enchanted Rock State Park and thought that the girls were due for a little rock climbing & hiking.  2016-03-24_0010The girls we more than eager to try and climb all the way to the top.   2016-03-24_0011 2016-03-24_0012 Cole enjoyed the smooth texture and gradual incline that the hill provided.  The girls tried to see what it was like to climb like Cole on all fours.  Notice his bandage on the right foot, and I began to regret not bringing some more medical tape and wrap.    2016-03-24_0013 2016-03-24_0014 2016-03-24_0015A little interval timer capture from our GoPro Hero 4 Black 2016-03-24_0016 2016-03-24_0017 2016-03-24_0018About half way up the rock, Cole’s bandage fell off like a old floppy sock.  I tried to slip it back on with no success.   Here I was a little concerned because with his toenail being so freshly healed, he would surely irritate the quick on the decent even if we turned around half way.   2016-03-24_0019 2016-03-24_0020Well after a few minute brainstorming session, I decided to sacrifice one of my socks and reuse the partially sticky medical tape from Cole’s original bandage.   2016-03-24_0021After I quickly realized the tape had no adhesive left, I unwrapped the gauze, and tied the sock on with it.  The Elastic properties of the gauze kept the knot tight and the sock from slipping off his paw.  I don’t think Cole’s Vet, Dr Brothers, will hire me anytime soon, but the repaired bandage did survive the rest of the hike.  🙂 I know it doesn’t look pretty.   2016-03-24_0022 2016-03-24_0023After and adventure filled second day in Fredericksburg, we regretfully packed up for and early departure to New Mexico.  Our extended stay required us to borrow a travel day.   Borrowing a travel day, means that the next travel day has to be double long, as payment for staying later.  2016-03-24_0024A little facetime with Vovo and Grandpa got the girls in a peaceful mood and ready to hit the road tomorrow.