An Open Letter to Thousand Trails

To all who keep Thousand Trails running and the management at Palm Springs RV Resort,


I wanted to take a minute out to show my appreciation for the community you have been building here at Palm Springs RV Resort


Last Sunday, (Super Bowl Sunday) two couples, and 7 families decided to put together a watch party at the one RV that had the space in their lot, the TV hookup to stream the game, and the compassion to organize an event of community that was a safe environment for my youngest daughter. 


You see my youngest daughter has severe (anaphylactic) food allergies to dairy, egg, peanut and tree nut.   The thought of no dairy at a Superbowl party sounds pretty unrealistic, but the hosts and the facebook chat group all decided they wanted to have a party that could be all-inclusive and suggested nobody bring any items that were containing the allergens.  Wow.  I was completely taken back by the show of support. 


So there we were gathered in the corner spot of an isolated corner of the park, around the large screen tv, enjoying bacon wrapped avocado, sausage and kale soup, dairy-free buffalo vegan cheese tip with clean tortilla chips, bacon brussel sprouts, jalapeno chicken “poppers”, black bean chocolate brownies, and the list goes on.  I know it isn’t a typical spread for a party like this, but everyone dug deep to come up with incredible food that everyone enjoyed and kept our daughter safe. 


The kids played on their bikes in the road, took breaks and played video games inside, took brakes from that and played games in the glow of the pickleball courts, (occasionally watched the game), laughed and made lifelong friendships. 


It is my belief that a community like this only exists with the support of an incredible top-down leadership and I want to thank you for fostering a truly unique environment to be cherished forever.



Jerome Braga