15 Most Durable RVing Products In Our RV

Let’s face it, RV stuff breaks, whether it is an accessory you buy for camping or the products within the RV itself. They will break at some point. So we’ve decided to make a different kind of ‘best of’ list of must-haves RVing accessories. This list is of the 15 things that have lasted us […]

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect RV

When you’re looking for the perfect RV, there are a lot of things to consider. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of the most important factors to think about when choosing your new home on wheels. So read on and find the RV that’s perfect for you and your […]

Portable Ice Maker Fix Repair (Igloo Frigidair Euhomy Dometic)

background with ice cubes

Have you noticed your countertop ice machine is making smaller and smaller cubes less frequently?Well, that’s because it can’t breathe, it’s overheating and it has no idea how much water to put in the tray. This technique works on all kinds of ice makers but the screws are different in each of them.  I’ve done […]

5 Free or Low Cost things to do in the Orlando Area

These are our five favorite activities to do in the Orlando area that don’t cost a lot of money.  Some of these Disney World / Universal Studios alternatives are actually free to do and great ways to follow the experiences over things mantra! First up is kayaking Kelly Rock Springs at the Kings Landing Drop-in.  […]

Negativity Breeds Negativity

Negativity breeds negativity. It’s something that we tell the girls almost every morning as they seem to wake up with mild fits of apprehension to each other. The cycle is quite easy to see, one girl is mean to the other, then they bicker about something unimportant because they are mad at each other, then […]

How Did We Get Into RVing?

Perhaps the no. 2 RVing question we always get asked is finally answered.   How, Why, and When are all answered in our latest YouTube Video.  Check it out!   [su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/EQa_ZpQWhDc” width=”980″ height=”780″ autoplay=”yes”]

Win a Free Camera Bag from Our1Chance!

We are giving away a large DSLR camera bag, just for liking some of our pages.  On Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  Follow the link below to log your chances to win.   Please share the contest with your friends!  Camera Bag Giveaway   [amazon_link asins=’B00CF5OHZ2′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’our1chance-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’95b3ff34-4051-11e8-a3e1-498ecfcb4369′]

What to do in the Rain while Camping

This is an easy post.  What things can you do in the rain while you are camping or RVing.  Well you could play cards, board games, video games… All kinds of great activities.  Since we were just coming off of a few days of rainy weather while staying in Columbus Texas, our favorite activity is […]

RVing in Columbus Texas Version 2.0

The day we drove into Columbus Texas we boondocked in a Walmart parking lot until our reservations began at Colorado River RV.  When we woke up, who would have thought you could witness the most amazing sunrise ever in a Walmart parking lot??   (The water in the foreground is a huge puddle in the parking […]

Alligators 3 Feet Away, Shark Valley Everglades NPS

Shark Valley Trail

When we initially charted our course through Florida, Miami was not on our list of places to visit.  Our primary reason for skipping Miami was their ridiculous breed ban legislation that would make Cole an outlaw.  Secondly, we just weren’t that into visiting the Everglades as a National Park destination.  We did have some work to […]

Did you see it? Supermoon BloodMoon Photos by Jerome Braga

Here are some of the photos I snapped during the last eclipse and Supermoon.  The Tycho crater is the coolest feature, which by the way; Shayla named the “belly button”  (And Yes my telescope inverts the moon upside down etc)