Urban Scavenger Hunt as a Birthday Activity

Who doesn’t LOVE a great scavenger hunt?  This year for Leighton’s birthday we needed to do something that didn’t cost a lot of money for everyone involved and still created a memorable experience for everyone involved.  

As corporate team building excursions, we have done these photo scavenger hunts before but thought it would be fun to do a downtown Hershey, PA version for the kids.  

To make it more fun, we themed the scavenger hunt around Hershey’s Downtown area.  With photo searches like:

Take a photo with a Hershey’s Sign, Dance in a Food Court, Throw a Coin in a Fountain, Find a Mannequin Wearing Blue, a Statue, etc.  (The full list is below) 

We didn’t initially tell the kids that we were doing a scavenger hunt; instead, we did a riddle search at the campground first, with the last riddle pointing them to the printer, where copies of the hunt list were waiting for them.  

These are the cards we printed out that contained the riddles. 

These cards had the kids running from one RV to the next to gather more clues.   Below the answers were the Washing Machine, Chair, and Table.   In each ‘answer’ was the next riddle and it lead to the next location.  

After solving all the riddles, it lead them to the printer, where the following scavenger hunt list was printed and waiting for them.  (You can download the word doc version of the list here)


We searched online  the night before and mashed up a list that we though would be realistic to achieve in a typical downtown area plus a few factors that made it Hershey specific.  We DID NOT expect them to find everything but they did! 

Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest Team Building

Rules:  Bring your phone along and take a photo of each of the following items on the list.  First team to bring back a completed list wins the grand prize. 

Downtown Hershey, PA

▭ A Food Truck

▭ An American Flag

▭ Your group posing with a Hershey Kiss

▭ A mannequin wearing something blue

▭ Dancing in the middle of the food court

▭ Posing like mannequins in a store front

▭ The oldest building you can find

▭ Your group modeling sunglasses

▭ Hershey Sign

▭ Someone tossing a coin into a fountain

▭ Your group in a candy store

▭ Your group on a staircase

▭ Someone picking up a quarter on the floor

▭ A bear (or picture of one)

▭ Posing like a rock band

▭ The biggest hat you can find

▭ A squirrel with a person in the picture too

▭ A human pyramid

▭ A duck or goose

▭ People spelling a word with their arms or bodies

▭ An arm-wrestling match

▭ A pair of sneakers

▭ A reflection of a person

▭ People playing a sport

▭ Balancing a pinecone or leaf on your head

▭ Something light-blue

▭ People hanging from something

▭ Something yellow

▭ An interesting shadow

▭ An action shot (like catching a frisbee or ball)

▭ A picture of people jumping

▭ A statue and your group posing like a statue

▭ People doing handstands

▭ Reenacting a scene from a Disney movie

▭ Picture of something square

▭ A Reflection