How to play the game Empire. Campfire Party Game

The object of the game is to be the last “Empire,” with everyone on your team. 

 Play with 10 to 20 of your campfire friends and decide upon a category you want to play. 

This is how you win the game Empire

Great examples of categories for the party game Empire are; Disney Characters, States, Famous People, Foods, National Parks, Presidents, pretty much anything you want.
One person should be designated as a moderator who will be a third party not playing. (Sometimes, we just pick one player to be the reader even though they will play, but if they can recognize writing or spelling, it can be an unfair advantage.)

Writing down answer to campfire game EmpireEveryone thinks of an answer within the category and writes it down on small piece of paper, then places it in the moderator’s bowl or hat.

Everyone sits in a circle (around a campfire if available) as the moderator reads each anonymous answer in random order. Moderator reading off answers to party game Empire

After they read off every answer, the moderator reads them a second time in a different random order. This will be the only time the answers are read aloud.  So try to remember them all! (yes that’s the hard part)

The oldest player starts first, and the guesser proceeds clockwise after them. On your turn, ask one person if they are “one of the answers” listed off by the moderator, to which they must answer truthfully “yes” or “no.”
For example, “Jerome, are you Yosemite?”

Discussing possible answers for game Empire
If you guess incorrectly, your turn is over, and the next player takes a turn. 


If you guess correctly, the player who was guessed joins your team, and your Empire begins to build. Now that Empire has grown, the original member of the Empire is the leader and the voice of the team. Players on a team can work together, but the leader is the spokesman.

View of campers playing the Game Empire at a camp

If a player guesses another empire leader who has acquired multiple players, everyone on that team joins the player who guessed them. That person’s Empire just got much larger!
This continues until everyone has been guessed, and only one player remains.
As empires grow, players move/shuffle seats so that all members of the Empire sit together and keep the original turn order intact. (clockwise) 

Each Empire gets one turn no matter how many players make up that Empire.

Let us know if you play! 


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