Portable Ice Maker Fix Repair (Igloo Frigidair Euhomy Dometic)

Have you noticed your countertop ice machine is making smaller and smaller cubes less frequently?
Well, that’s because it can’t breathe, it’s overheating and it has no idea how much water to put in the tray.

This technique works on all kinds of ice makers but the screws are different in each of them.  I’ve done this to Igloo Ice Maker, Frigidaire, Dometic, and Euhomy 
Every 4 months or so we take ours apart and clean it. Let me show you how.

First take the outer cover off with the screws at the bottom. Then using a straw brush, clean the intake side of the condenser fins. I will guarantee yours is clogged.

Then I take the top cover over and access the water inlet. This ALSO gets clogged quite easily. This inlet has a sensor that tells the machine water is flowing and it is full enough to freeze. It gets gunked up and doesn’t get a good read as to how full it is.

rinse it all out and reassemble!