Negativity Breeds Negativity

Negativity breeds negativity.

It’s something that we tell the girls almost every morning as they seem to wake up with mild fits of apprehension to each other. The cycle is quite easy to see, one girl is mean to the other, then they bicker about something unimportant because they are mad at each other, then we step in and are angry, then they are mad because we aren’t happy with them, then Chance eats a slipper, etc.

I’m sure you understand the scenario I’m talking about, but the struggle is so much bigger than their trying to find positivity within each other.

Since the girls are homeschooled, they are generally surrounded by positivity, compassion, and hope. We don’t watch the news, or discuss current events in front of them, or talk about the BS that exists in the world. We give them filtered info, that is often scrubbed down and positive. (scrubbed down, like for 30 seconds with soap and water)

But seriously, what is to become of us all, when the message around us is all shock and awe, bad vs. worse, lies vs. deceit, fake online personas vs. false information.

On the largest of scales, if all this negativity decides to breed, then how hard is our battle ahead?