Our Episode of GoingRV is Finally Airing on the GAC Network!

We are finally getting to see how our episode turned out for the TV show GoingRV on the Great American Country network.  The premiere episode airs June 29th at 9PM on the GAC network.   Here is some of the back story to the episode’s filming and how it all came to be. When we […]

The Trouble is, You Think You Have Time

I first saw that quote a while back with a credit to -Buddah for saying it, but ultimately I learned that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.  That doesn’t make it any less powerful though. Some digging revealed a more likely source of that quote. There is one simple thing wrong with […]

Photo Scavenger Hunt |Exploration | Heart Shaped Rocks

One of the common lessons / games we like to play with the girls is to give them a list of things to find and photograph.  A Scavenger Hunt but with pictures… build a story, seek out objects, whatever.  Today while I edited photos inside the RV we sent the girls out to work on this project. […]

Holiday Festivities in the RV

This year, in preparation for our big trip, we have our house rented out until we return in April.  For the week and a half we came back for the holidays, we opted to just stay in the RV, hooked up in our own driveway.  For power, we hooked up to the house under two […]

The Official 2015 Braga Christmas Card! ! ! ! !

As most all of the paper postcards have hit mailboxes across the US, we can now release the online version of the long awaited 2015 Braga Christmas Card!   Influenced by the iconic vintage vacation postcards 

Eye and Hearing test

Here is mommy and Leighton with her Pirate patch on her eye during her eye exam!

Translator Needed (Take 2)

Sorry the last video didn’t upload for some reason. Here it is again [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgSrGDtrUSc&hl=en&fs=1]

Sitting Up!

It’s a rare occasion but it has been happening randomly!   Here she is sitting like a big girl!

Happy 3 Month Birthday Leighton

Here is a photo we did a week ago while we were doing out Holiday Cards. One of our first family photos together.   click on image for larger version

2 Months OLD!

Here are some of the pictures I took today. http://www.studio1923.com/babybraga/slideshows/2month/showit.swf

Official Press Photos

Leighton’s official 1 month photos are available for viewing and immediate commericial release.  😉  Although her shoot wasn’t a very cooperative one, we were able to spread it over 2 days to give her time to “feel” the moment. Click on either photo to view her 1 month slideshow.