How To Survive an RV Show. (Simple Tips to Make it a Fun Experience)

Does going to an RV Show overwhelm you?  RV Shows can be exciting as your imagination runs wild down a winding road of possibilities and future memories. But, at the same time, attending a huge RV show reminds me of an exhausting day through a Disney theme park, where you try to take in as […]

The Best Reasons to RV as a Family

Rving is a great way to spend time with your family, and there are plenty of reasons why we love it! You can explore new places, enjoy the great outdoors, and have lots of fun together. But, if you’re not sure if rving is for you, here are some reasons why you should try it! […]

RV Remodel | Carpet Removal on Stairs

RV Renovation Carpet Removal

One of the first things to go on our new RV was the carpet on the stairs.  I know why they put it there, because it is cost effective; however what a place to have it.   RIGHT when you walk in from the great outdoors.  Whose idea was that?   Anyway, the removal of […]

How heavy is your water tank? (Repair)

How heavy is your water tank?  Well mine weighs 741 lbs full.   First thing that I thought about when I saw that statistic on the door of the RV was… I hope they have a strong support system for that.   I was first alerted to the weight last year when we broke our […]

Go Ahead Wash the RV | How Long Can It Take?

As we filled up the tank somewhere off “The 10” in Arizona, I looked over and noticed a Truck Wash next door.  Without hesitation, I leaned into the cab of the truck, “Jen, you want to get the RV washed at the Truck Wash?” “YES PLEASE” she exclaimed. So it was settled, we topped off […]

Broken Leaf Springs on the RV | New Mexico

After leaving White Sands National Monument, we headed back to the RV, topped it off with a full tank of fresh water and took off. Our goal was to make it all the way to Buckeye Hills Regional Park in Buckeye AZ,  but that destination was 420 miles away.   Knowing we might need to overnight in […]

Eight Signs You Need an RV in Your Life

  Maybe you never really thought about yourself spending time in a “camper”.  Call it a camper, trailer, rv, coach, whatever; the idea of anyone and everyone you know having one is more realistic than you think.  We never imagined ourselves in an RV like what we currently own,  but I guess we never truly […]

Volunteer State | Frozen Water Hoses | Caverns

Tennessee Caverns, Appalachian Caverns, Photos

After our stay in Maryland, our next destination was Bluff City, Tennessee.   A relatively small campground located about 10 minutes from Bristol Motor Speedway for you NASCAR fans.  Since our stay was early January and COMPLETELY off season, we got to use our Passport America discount and stay for 50% off.  This time of year […]

RV Screen Door Acrylic Plexiglass Retrofit – Removable Window

Updated 2022 After 6 years of taking on and off the top plexiglass we had to put in a new one since the post below.  We updated it with the same Duraplex plexiglass but without all the scratches the other one accumulated over the years.  The Youtube Short below a quick how to of what […]

Broomstick Handle | Flashlight | Falling Cabinets

This is a little RV repair post about a small problem we saw developing in our RV.  As we noticed on the new 2016 Evergreen BayHill’s they have done away with the upper curved cabinets that go over the couches.    We were curious as to why they would do that but I think we […]

RV Bunk Bed Room Remodel Bay Hill Fifth Wheel

One of the unnecessary items we quickly noted when shopping for our RV was the extra couch in the girls’ bunk room.  In our earlier post you saw that we immediately knew that was going to go somewhere else and it did.  Click here to view that post.  After I built the railings for the […]

RV Remodel Living Room Update Evergreen Bay Hill 385BH

Bay Hill Fifth Wheel RV Living Room Remodel_0011

Although our 2014 Bay Hill 385 BH Fifth Wheel RV is brand new; we knew of a whole bunch of changes we were going to do to make the RV what we really wanted.  We had a long list of specific must haves, which I’ll cover

The Sunset Trail Maiden Voyage

Here is a shot of our 2009 Lincoln Navigator L pulling a 2014 Crossroads RV Sunset Trail Reserve model 28BH in the Cherry Hill Campground near Washington DC.  This was our first voyage with it.