Go Ahead Wash the RV | How Long Can It Take?

As we filled up the tank somewhere off “The 10” in Arizona, I looked over and noticed a Truck Wash next door.  Without hesitation, I leaned into the cab of the truck, “Jen, you want to get the RV washed at the Truck Wash?”

“YES PLEASE” she exclaimed.

So it was settled, we topped off the tank, and headed next door to clean our girl up before her first Boondocking experience.

Boondocking: Boondocking is essentially camping without hookups. You may also hear it referred to as ‘dry camping’. Often, dry camping means staying in a campground without hookups, whereas, boondocking typically means staying in a completely undeveloped area. You may also hear people talk about ‘dispersed camping’, which is the official term often used by government agencies.

2016-04-14_0001We eagerly pulled up to the truck wash and luckily got behind a truck already in the bay.  Within minutes there were 3 other rigs lined up behind us.   Phew, we made it in the nick of time.  While we waited we opened up the windows, and enjoyed the sun.  After about 10 minutes, someone came to us and asked us what we wanted for detailing and wash.  After explaining the basic wash for $45 was going to be fine.  (Well, it had to be fine, because we couldn’t back up.  There were 3 other rigs behind us)   2016-04-14_0002Cole quickly worked every angle of the hot Arizona sun.   2016-04-14_0003At one point he kicked Leighton out of her car seat and took over that space completely.  Time ticked away.  As the minutes rolled on, the girls were getting hotter and hotter and the line behind me grew longer and longer.   2016-04-14_0004We tried to keep the girls occupied by offering them up crossword puzzles, etc… but at this point we were sitting still for over 30 minutes and they needed to get outside.  I looked at Jen and said….”Well, we DO need it washed.”  We both agreed but it was glaringly obvious this long time was tearing at our patience.  We had 2 hours left to drive of our 4 hour trip and was hoping to get to our destination by 3pm.  Now it looks like we will be getting there closer to 3:15.   2016-04-14_0005Tick Tock Tick Tock 2016-04-14_0006OMG after an hour, I finally had to go outside and walk around.  We saw our first cactus up close, but ultimately, nothing was really keeping our irritability down.  Well after and hour and fifteen minutes we were finally allowed to enter the truck wash.   Once we parked, most of the guys that were washing the truck in front of us, walked into the office, and headed to their cars for a ‘break’ … Um…………….   Well at least we were in the bay.  How long can it take now?   2016-04-14_000745 minutes later I was allowed to pull the washed RV out of the bay and had to stop it there so they could dry it.  Well, I guess they should at this point.  After waiting this long I didn’t want to have water spots all over it.   2016-04-14_0008Ugh.. so after nearly 2 and a half hours…. we were cleaned and ready for the road.   I have NO idea if this is how long truck washes usually take, but ours was quite an experience.  I knew it wouldn’t be as fast as a car wash, but perhaps 3 times longer?  Not 40 times longer.

We were all left a little speechless to say the least.   I’m pretty sure I will NEVER use a truck wash again in my life.