Since we first heard of RVLock 's keyless entry system for our fifth wheel, we thought about it each time we left our keys inside or had to go back to the camper to get something and left the keys at the pool, etc.  As they recently came out with their newest model the V4 (version 4) I knew we had waited long enough. We made a quick video on our Instagram account but also thought we would share it here as well.   
Jen did the install on this one and it went off almost without a hitch.  We had to go to our local Lowes and buy some screws that were a little shorter because I think our door was a little thinner than normal, (Or we got a version of the lock that was made for a little thicker door).  The keyless remote control is also SO cool. 

  Maybe you never really thought about yourself spending time in a “camper”.  Call it a camper, trailer, rv, coach, whatever; the idea of anyone and everyone you know having one is more realistic than you think.  We never imagined ourselves in an RV like what we currently own,  but I guess we never truly thought seriously about it either.  GoRving_Jeromebraga 0006I’m not writing this to process a sales pitch in any way, rather just point out some glaringly obvious scenarios that you might consider possibly fitting an RV into your lifestyle. 

After our four day stay in Columbus, Texas; we headed directly west a couple of hours to Medina Lake, Texas.  Getting out and hitting the road bright and early has not been as easy as we were hoping for.   It seems that always on the days we want to get out early, there are all sorts of drama and time wasting which sets us back.   I'll chalk it up to getting out of the house with two girls.  :-p  Bandera Texas Medina Lake RV Travel 0001The route to Medina Lake (on the other side of San Antonio) was