The RVLock Keyless Entry install

Since we first heard of RVLock ‘s keyless entry system for our fifth wheel, we thought about it each time we left our keys inside or had to go back to the camper to get something and left the keys at the pool, etc.  As they recently came out with their newest model the V4 […]

How heavy is your water tank? (Repair)

How heavy is your water tank?  Well mine weighs 741 lbs full.   First thing that I thought about when I saw that statistic on the door of the RV was… I hope they have a strong support system for that.   I was first alerted to the weight last year when we broke our […]

Installing MaxxAir Roof Vent Covers on the RV

One of the must have accessories we knew we would install on the new RV was a set of MaxxAir roof vent covers.   Vent covers let you open your roof vents in the two bathrooms and keep them open without regards to rain or wind.  They provide great