Installing MaxxAir Roof Vent Covers on the RV

One of the must have accessories we knew we would install on the new RV was a set of MaxxAir roof vent covers.   2015-12-09_0013Vent covers let you open your roof vents in the two bathrooms and keep them open without regards to rain or wind.  They provide great cross ventilation locations and help the moisture from the shower escape.  The problem with standard vents is that when they are open they are quite flexible and susceptible to breakage if you were to drive with them open. At the dealer we had them installed on our last RV for a fee of like $90 per unit.   I didn’t know anything about how they were installed so we just paid for the two to be installed for us.  2015-12-09_0014

After looking at the installation on our previous trailer; I was a little mad I dished out $180 for a 20 minute install item I could easily do.   We opted to get two MaxxAir II covers in frosted plastic made by MaxxAir.  Maxxair sells tinted smoke, silver, white, frosted, black and a tan color vent cover.    The install kit comes with all the hardware in either Stainless Steel or Aluminum. 2015-12-09_0015

First step is to drill pilot holes into the aluminum frame of the vent.  Be careful to not have your drill chuck rub on your roofing as it can make a hole in the rubber.  Two pilot holes for each bracket.  The self tapping stainless screws should them go right through the vent framing.  All I did was position the cover over the vent approximately where I wanted it to be, then lined up ONE bracket to screw in.  Once I mounted the One bracket and put the cover on backwards to see where the second bracket would fit.  2015-12-09_0016

After lining up the second bracket I could install the stainless steel nuts and bolts that act as the hinged side of the MaxxAir Vent cover.  Notice in the photo above I put one bracket under the drill chuck to not burn a hole in the roof liner.  Or below I had my finger under the chuck when drilling to keep it that far off the roof.  Don’t take ANY chances with putting any hole in roof  !2015-12-09_0017

After duplicating the process on the opposite side of the roof vent, I slid the stainless steel clips into place and the install is DONE.  Really super easy.   The MaxxAir II lets you unclip the sides to get in there and service or clean out your roof vent.  2015-12-09_0018 2015-12-09_0019

The main reason we opted for the frosted version of the MaxxAir II roof vent cover, was because the smoke tinted version would block light.  The dark ones are designed to block light and keep the RV cooler but we feel there is enough darkness in our RV especially in the bathroom and would be willing to trade heat for light.  Personal preference of course but that is our thought process.  2015-12-09_0020

The girls were extremely curious about what I was doing on the roof and they have asked to go up there with me at least 1000 times so I figured was a good time.