Floppy Socks Gauze and a Hoedown | Fredericksburg TX

With a freezer full of beef and a full tank of gas, we were set to work our way onward towards El Paso then onto New Mexico.  The night before we left, however; we got the notion to visit the town of Fredericksburg for an evening.   The recommendation came from a gentleman at a […]

Jambalaya | Our Trailer is Not Long Enough for Louisiana

Initially we planned to stay near New Orleans, possibly Baton Rouge; but ultimately we just opted to get through Louisiana to add a few more working days to our next stop after Louisiana.  We were looking for an overnight stay and found a great location called Hidden Oaks Family Campground.    At first glance the location, […]

Punish the Deed Not the Breed | Mississippi Overnight

We knew heading out into this journey that travelling with a pitbull was going to give us some hiccups.   We have joined a few travel clubs in order to get discounts on camping fees, etc.  What seems to be the best discount club out there is the Passport America club.  It has a low […]