We made it to Florida Bulow Plantation RV Resort

With the sun long gone, and the rain left behind in Georgia;  we arrived at the coolest little campground.  Adjacent to the Florida State Park: Bulow Plantation; and down a LONG fence lined driveway with trees covered in Spanish Moss, sits Bulow Plantation RV Resort.  We arrived long after the office had closed,  so in speaking with them earlier they said… “Pick a spot and register with the office in the morning.”  They said they would leave an envelope or map to guide us; but we weren’t among the collection of hanging envelopes.  2015-12-05_0018

Finding a spot in the pitch black darkness, was a little easier said than done; but with the help of the golf cart wielding security guard; we found a cozy corner spot with easy exit access.

The lot we picked was relatively level, so we didn’t even bother to disconnect from the truck this time around.    When we woke up in the morning we were finally able to see just how cool the spot we picked really was.  We ended up nestled under a bunch of trees covered in the quintessential Floridian Spanish Moss.  (we really couldn’t see that at night)2015-12-05_0019 2015-12-05_0020 Near our site (pictured just to the left within the picture above); Leighton found the small little waterfall and its perfectly positioned “thinking” bench as she called it.  That bench proved to be a great spot to do some journal writing about her trip so far.  We promised the girls and “easy driving day” after yesterday’s long road adventure.  With that said, we took our time heading out this morning.   Leighton had time to bust out her camera to compliment her journal entries with pictures of the location.

2015-12-05_0021 The top two photos in the group below are Leighton’s.  The Palm tree and the bridge shot. 2015-12-05_0022 So one more fill up and a 1.5 hour drive, we should land in Orlando!  2015-12-05_0023