Making Bread | Hot Tubbin | Elf on the Shelf and Coldplay

Settling in for a long winter’s nap.   Or rather… how quickly can we fire up the computers to catch up on work!  First things first.  We arrived in Orlando at the Thousand Trails Resort in just under 1 and 1/2 hours.  An easy ride compared to the last few.  The girls didn’t even get to finish their roadschooling work for the day and we had already arrived.  After a quick ride around the campground in the guide’s golf cart; we settled in on site C13 for our home base.   Setting up with automatic slides, auto leveling hydraulics, quick disconnect hoses and a ton of practice; we were able to be set up and enjoy the space in just under an hour and a half.  Orlando1_0001

We opted for only a 30amp service since we can’t see needing the dual A/C units during our stay.   If we thought the RV would get too hot during the days we would have opted for the extra power but with forecasted highs of 77º we should be just fine with the lesser power hookup.  Orlando1_0002 Right away we met a few of the locals, as well as what is probably the longest sitting RV in the resort’s history.  (That is not actually on the resort but in the back woods of a nearby lot) Orlando1_0003 “Silver” our Elf on a Shelf found us just fine after our first night in Maryland.   We erroneously told Leighton that we would be in North Carolina on Dec 1st,  but were actually off for a day.  There was quite a bit of drama as you can imagine because the note she left clearly stated that we would be in North Carolina.   We are all resting easier now knowing he found us and continues to surprise us each morning with tricky hiding spots in the RV.   Orlando1_0004 Orlando1_0005

Once connected we both got right down to work catching up on the winter back log.  Orlando1_0006 Jen ultimately found the PERFECT location for her office this week and the girls are enjoying their classroom.   Just when I thought my setup was sweet, Jen knocks it out of the park with her scenic office space.   (All the neighbors are walking by our rig to check out what the “Bragas” are doing.. .lol )

Orlando1_0007 Thanks to Coldplay for providing the soundtrack to our Florida journey.  We have successfully overplayed the album already.  Cole has taken to traveling just fine.  During the driving times… he literally curls up in a ball in the back seat floor and doesn’t move for hours.   Found an ironically appropriate brew for the week as well.  A snow covered Airstream as the logo… Isn’t it IronicOrlando1_0008 The girls ride their bikes about 4 times a day.  Leighton all the while toting her camera just in case something awesome happens.  (Love her) Orlando1_0009 SEMPER FIDELIS ! ! !   This Marine has a US State Sticker Map on his door and they are ALL filled in.  Way to go!Orlando1_0010 Orlando1_0011 You think I’m kidding about the camera and their pictures… Shayla taking Leighton… Leighton taking Shayla… Orlando1_0012 The girls couldn’t wait to talk to cousin Emma via Google Hangouts.  Orlando1_0013 After a long morning of schoolwork… the girls said “We need to go to the hot tub”  Um..  Ok. Orlando1_0014 Last few steps of making the RV a home… Make some Bread.  No literally make some sandwich bread.  Yes we consider this a necessary piece of RVing Equipment.   (although we had to put it on the girls bathroom sink because we were out of counter space in the kitchen)  Orlando1_0015 Orlando1_0016From here we pump out a few days of work and wait for our Walt Disney World day to arrive.