Mud Boggin Road Coffees and Crummy Wipers

After one of the longest drives of our trip, due to distance; we arrived at the Oaks at Point South .  Sadly however, the excessive rainfall had drenched the campground to a point of it becoming unusable.  This photo is what our site looked like.  🙁  It was literally a mud pit from front to back.  The two available sites that were suitable for our reservation each had huge pools of standing water probably 10ft by 6 ft across.  So setting up in these spots would require getting out of the RV and into the water; or worse yet, setting the stabilizer jacks, electric power, water hookup etc all while in standing water and mud.   I know, I know… I should have taken photos, but I was more in shock than anything else.    lol


Our arrival into the Oaks would have had us setting up with about an hour of daylight left.  After the disappointing conditions we realized we needed to find another campground.  And quickly.   Jen manned the phone, Googling everything possible within the hour drive.    Will little luck, I then turned to her and asked… how about Florida?  How about tonight?  All I will really need to make the next 3 hour ride is fresh windshield wipers (don’t ask) and a dinner break within the next hour.  I asked everyone how they were feeling and if they were up to another 3 hours. With a little bribery… they all said yes.

Perhaps it was the second roadside café Americano the girls made for me but for some reason I was good to go.  Check out our roadside café setup.


This is how you bring your own coffee shop with you on the road.  Fire up the generator, make yourself a pair of Iced Americanos blended frothy in the Vitamix.  Secret recipe to our specialty Coconut Americanos coming soon.    So first thing we did after deciding to drive through to Florida was find a Walmart close to an exit off the highway and get some new wipers.


We were one of about 8 RV’s in the parking lot of Walmart.  Jen Pulled out the slideout for the kitchen and whipped us up some rice pasta with chicken and broccoli.   With full bellies and new wipers we were on our way to Flagler Beach Fl and the Encore Resort of Bulow Plantation…..

Below are a few pictures from yesterday’s trip that didn’t make it into the blog post.


A little out of turn are these pictures of the nutcrackers that Shayla and Leighton painted and assembled courtesy of our Elf on A Shelf “Silver”