We have kept her alive for 7 years!

On her seventh birthday we celebrate her, and give ourselves a tiny pat on the back for keeping her mostly safe for all these years. I always go back to this blog post and re-read my words and feelings from the night we felt the full wrath of living with food allergies. Last night we […]

Day 2 of 7 | What We Eat | Cooking with Food Allergies

Chia Pudding, Salad, and Spaghetti and Meatballs (Allergy Free)

Today is Tuesday our 2nd day of seven of the “Free From” Top 8 Allergen meals we most often eat.  This series hopes to giving you a little glimpse as to what a typical week of eating top 8 allergy free, (free from dairy, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, fish, and wheat) is like.  

Sherlock Holmes and Cheese

Allergy Post: Today was a great day despite the gloomy weather and chilly Connecticut temps.     All three of my photo shoots got rained out, so that left our day wide open.   After realizing we had the whole rainy afternoon to ourselves

Managing Shayla’s Allergies & Asthma on the Road

I remember vividly, some of our first conversations while starting to think about our trip. Our first and primary concern, had nothing to do with what we do with our house while we were gone. It didn’t even revolve around how to we run our business from 3000 miles away. Instead, our main concern centered […]

Wheat Challenge Allergy Test Results

Today was the big day.  The “CHALLENGE” at the Allergist’s office. What is a challenge, why is it done, what can we learn from it and what will it do to change our life or not?