Shaylas Kitchen

It was now the Summer of 2012 and I had booked a series of shoots in Cape Cod for a group of different families. We thought about making a mini vacation out of the time we needed to be there, but wait; what will we do for Shayla’s food?  She can’t eat at any restaurants due to cross contaminants and lets face it, I don’t trust ANYONE but us to prepare her food. Maybe we can get a hotel suite with full kitchen and we can vacation that way. Well for the low price of $395 a night we could in fact do that! Problem solved. Or so I thought.

I began thinking about future trips and family time.  I started to get a little overwhelmed; and I thought wow we can’t afford to vacation if we had to rent suites every place we went. Does this mean we can’t spend time away?

One night while sitting at the computer, I had the bright idea to look at some used campers and my mind began to wander.  I thought.. if I could only try to sell the idea to Jen????  While looking online,  I found a huge 30ft camper with bunk beds for the girls for $5000. I then took the idea to Jen and with some fuzzy math, explained that for the price of cape cod alone we would have paid for one quarter the camper. Her pushback included the questions… do you know how to drive that? What about my hair dryer? My flat iron? Do we have to share public bathrooms and showers? I said… you don’t really know what a modern rv looks like so lets go check it out. I toured the 2001 Starcraft Travel Trailer with her by my side and answered all her concerns. (except for the can I drive it part) Any we blinked and boom we were camper owners. We affectionately named her “Shayla’s Kitchen”

Our First Travel Trailer RV
Our First Travel Trailer RV