Owning the responsibility.

As time progressed, we learned quickly if Shayla was around dairy, she would break out in hives.  We didn’t know then but now just sitting in a Starbucks for more than 5 minutes makes her turn red, and begins to wheeze.  2015-08-25_0022So the days of making pizza in the house and going to restaurants, were numbered.   2015-08-25_0021At this point we have begun to fully transition our food supply and surface contact awareness to a “Shayla Free” environment. We were very carful to make sure we wash our hands if we did touch any of her allergen foods, as well as; processing her foods safely and separately from our own if they contained allergens.

A look into our refrigerator2015-08-25_0023 these days looks like this.   Tons of fruits, veggies, grains, and meats.

A common snack or light lunch could be like this, quinoa chilled, with fresh fruit.  2015-08-26_0003

One day while at my sister’s house; We learned she had a tree nut allergy. We looked down at Shayla’s armpits (as they were exposed in her tank top) and she was completely covered in hives under there. Under her arms? Who didn’t wash their hands before picking her up??? No one. EVERYONE was washing their hands.   OH wait, what are the ingredients on the soap we were all using. Unknowingly we were all sterilizing ourselves with an almond soap then picking her up. It must have been the almonds she was allergic to. Apparently we had to look at our own soaps as well as everyone’s soap from now on.