Are we alone?

At her 15 month pediatric appointment I explained to the doctor about her allergy diagnosis and asked if I could take her off the formula yet. The doctor responded with “Yes, of course; as long as you give her yogurt and stuff like that to supplement”. WHAT! ! !  2015-08-25_0020 I am pretty sure my mouth fell down to the floor. I was literally telling her 15 seconds ago that she has a dairy allergy. My gut feeling with her was that she though we were overreacting with her issues, and her comment proved she truly wasn’t invested in the actual child/case in front of her. Calmly I walked out of the doctors office, right past the receptionist, and immediately switched pediatricians. Seriously at this point we were beginning to feel a little alone in this. The pediatrician was disconnected, the allergist didn’t think her symptoms were related… are we Alone?