The Allergist and the Process of Elimination

Finally the allergist appointment had come and we might finally get some answers. They skin tested our little girl for dairy and soy, to help determine what formula she could tolerate. We learned that day she had a dairy and soy allergy and they suggested we stick with the Nutramigen formula and then come back in 6 months. We were prescribed 2 EpiPen Jr’s to carry with us at all times.

Shayla waves
Shayla waves

I asked the Allergist thought that her eczema and excessive drooling were related to her allergy and he said that wasn’t really possible. They are completely unrelated. We got new prescriptions for different steroid creams for her skin and sent us on our way. Hmm.. not the answers we were hoping for but at least it was some new information we can work with. Her eczema progressed clearer on the nutramigen but, it never cleared up fully.
At about 10 months I gave her little wheat pastas for lunch and I noticed hives developing around her mouth. What was in the pasta that caused this? Was it the wheat? I tried again a few days later and again she had hives. 20120216_iPhone_1193So we avoided wheat as well. She went back to the allergist in April when she was 14 months for a more thorough skin test. 2015-08-25_0018We told them about the wheat and he then again tested her for dairy, soy, eggs and wheat. He also tested her for dog, cat, and some other environmental allergies. She was negative to all of the environmental except cat and positive to the dairy, soy, egg and wheat. 2015-08-25_0019I asked if I could take her off the formula because she was 2 months past the recommended age of formula use, but we knew we went longer with it because she was not able to have milk or soy. He referred us to her pediatrician for that answer and to come back to him in 6 months.