Our First Camping Trip and 4 New Tires

Cape Cod

Our first trip was quite a fun filled adventure.  We had never done this before and were looking forward to all it could entail.  We had no idea what might be ahead, but we packed our cameras, fuelled up and headed out.

Cape Cod 2012 Braga Family
Leighton organized all her and Shayla’s shoes in preparation for the trip.

We hopped on the highway and after only 3 exits…  BOOM we blew a tire.  Really?   So in order to not have that happen again, we went home; picked up the jack and jackstands, and took all 4 tires off and had them mounted.

Cape Cod 2012 Braga Family

Well after that was done; we were ready to head out.  Here is a little gallery of some of the fun.

One morning we were cooking breakfast in the camper and we noticed Shayla started wheezing. We quickly took her out of the camper and into the fresh air and eventually she started breathing easier. Hmm… what just happened here? We opened up the whole camper to air it out and kept her outs of there for a few hours. That morning we were cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast for Me Jen and Leighton. We eventually brought her back inside and she started wheezing again. Was it breakfast smoke? Was it the Camper? Whatever it was we brought her to the walk in clinic but by time we got there she had already stopped wheezing. They couldn’t find anything wrong with her and sent us on our way. Jen called the doctor after leaving the clinic and he said she may have asthma developing and it probably needs to be diagnosed. Asthma is highly likely for a kid like Shayla because they all go hand in hand. They say eczema, allergies and asthma the “Trifecta.” She was now prescribed an Albuterol inhaler to go along with her epiPens.