Go Ahead Wash the RV | How Long Can It Take?

As we filled up the tank somewhere off “The 10” in Arizona, I looked over and noticed a Truck Wash next door.  Without hesitation, I leaned into the cab of the truck, “Jen, you want to get the RV washed at the Truck Wash?” “YES PLEASE” she exclaimed. So it was settled, we topped off […]

The Newest Addition…

So after the “truck that almost was…”  yesterday we opted to look around and instead of getting that used 2014 with 24K miles we bought new and got a leftover 2014 Ram 3500 Longhorn Megacab Dually (Cummins of course) from a CT dealer.  We “looked” around but already knew what we wanted it just had […]

The Truck that almost was…

After about 5 tries of scheduling a time to head up to MA to look at this 2014 Ram 3500 Limited Dually, we finally got to test drive it.  After a long back and forth with the dealer we agreed to buy it from them.  However we decided NOT to trade in our Lincoln for it. […]