Ram Dually 3500 limited crash

The Truck that almost was…


After about 5 tries of scheduling a time to head up to MA to look at this 2014 Ram 3500 Limited Dually, we finally got to test drive it.  After a long back and forth with the dealer we agreed to buy it from them.  However we decided NOT to trade in our Lincoln for it.  They only wanted to give us $13,500 for it when the average sale price around CT was $22,000 to $27,000.   So instead we got $4,000 more by selling it to a local Autotrader Buying Agent Dealership for cash on the spot.  So with the truck sold for cash, we were out of our loan and open to close the deal with the Dually.    Here is the screen shot of the truck being sold at the dealer currently… Screenshot 2015-02-07 17.08.16

The dealer decided to have a delivery driver bring the truck to CT to meet us at our local DMV and sign the paperwork and register it all at the same time.  With that agreed we anxiously waited our new truck to arrive. Ram Dually 3500 limited crash While at the DMV we waited and watched for the truck and as soon as I saw the monster driving into the parking lot; I got out of the car to flag down the driver and BAM!!!!  Someone smacked right into him.  UGH…. IMG_20141209_133150 IMG_20141209_141453

Well back to the drawing board to see what they would offer us on this “repaired” used vehicle.   There is the truck that almost was…

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