Perfectly AMAZING Brownies! Top 8 ALLERGEN FREE

Black Bean Brownies.  Yes that is what I said.  What could that possibly taste like?  OMG they are amazing.  If you haven’t made this unforgettable treat yet, you HAVE to get on that.  We’ve been making regular black bean brownies for a long time now, and with a stroke of genius; we’ve made them even BETTER […]

Choc-O-Maple Coconut Balls | Top 8 Allergen Free

This recipe has quickly become a favorite around here.  This no bake dessert bite will satisfy all your cravings and is 100% top 8 allergen free!  Make it for yourself or with the kids.  (Or just have your kids make it for you) 

Black Bean Chocolate Brownies | Top 8 Allergen Free

You see all these ingredients and you think….What Could I possibly make with this?   Only the best allergy free brownies you ever had.   One of the best tasting Top 8 Allergy Free Desserts you will ever have. Ingredient List [su_list icon=”icon: shopping-cart”] 15 oz can of black beans, drained and rinsed 2 tbsp of cocoa powder […]