Treatment Alternatives

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It was time to try something different. This couldn’t be the way it had to be, could it?  2015-08-25_0012I did a little research on eczema and came across some different ways we could try to treat it. Everything we tried made it worse. We tried Aquafor, alternative lotions, changing out all our soaps, different laundry detergents, different fabrics, etc. I then came across how allergies could be a cause of eczema; or should I say eczema could be symptom of allergies. So foods that I am eating could be affecting her through my breast milk. Wait what???? You mean I could be doing this to her? Hello horrible mother guilt again. It also stated that dairy was a main culprit. I immediately eliminated dairy from my diet, because it there was even an outside chance that this could help our little girl I would do it. We used to burn through a pound of cheese a week as well as butter. Initially that was a lot to wrap our head around but it was a small price to pay to try and help this little angel. First couple of weeks saw no results. I did know however that it takes at least 3 weeks for dairy to completely leave your system. After several weeks her skin was quite a bit better, but not totally clear. Eliminating dairy helped a little, but didn’t completely clear her skin.   2015-08-25_0014

Next on the chopping block was to eliminate soy. Again it didn’t completely clear her skin and it was negligible if it helped her at all. She was still getting flare ups pretty severely every week and half or so. For about 2 full months I was constantly monitoring her outbreaks and logging them in our food journal. (We began logging all my food intake and then trying to match it to a pattern of her outbreaks) For now it was all I could do and just keep plugging away. Bib changes had increased to a rate of 4 to 6 a day because they were just thoroughly soaked with drool.





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