The First Symptoms

I exclusively breastfed Shayla during her early months and expected to continue as long as I possibly could. When Shayla was just 9 weeks old, on a beautiful, 70 degree and sunny Easter Sunday we got spent quite a bit of time outside. 2015-08-25_0007I made sure I kept Shayla in the shade since this was essentially her first time being and sitting outside. Later that evening Shayla broke out in a rash all over her body. We all were scratching our heads trying to pinpoint what caused the rash and where it came from. I felt like the worst mother ever and partially blamed it on the sun. We gave her a bath as soon as we got home but the rash did not get any better. 2015-08-26_0006The next day, still very much concerned with her reaction, we quickly took her to the doctor. The doctor seemed unimpressed with her condition and informed us that it was eczema. She continued to say it was completely normal and that if we simply put some prescription hydrocortisone on it, it should clear up. Assuming the doctor was correct in her diagnosis, we did exactly what she said but her skin did not get any better after a couple of weeks.


At her 3 month appointment I brought up her eczema again and they said it was normal and that I should keep up with the creams. I guess that theory sounded good enough, however a daily regimen of applying prescription medication to our daughter’s young skin was just not good enough for me. I didn’t want to constantly be applying creams so her skin just so that she can function normally.  There had to be something that can be done from the inside out.


We would put her down to sleep for the night all greased up, in long sleeve shirts and pants; as well as putting socks on her little hands so she wouldn’t scratch herself raw during the night. 2015-08-25_0011

Our morning ritual would be to get her up, change her clothes of all her greasy after affects. Most of the time her shirts were basically glued to her. She was sweaty and soaked. Soaked because it was hot in long sleeves but more importantly soaked because she drooled more than ANY child we ever saw.   Drooling was a constant problem but we never really considered it anything other than typical baby drool.

We put a new shirt on her for a micro photoshoot and it is soaked after 5 minutes.
We put a new shirt on her for a micro photoshoot and it is soaked after 5 minutes.  (PS her color has been photoshopped to look not red.  I don’t have the raw unedited version of this pic)