New Years Day The Start of the Official Cross Country Trip

After last night’s overnight trip to the casino we picked up the girls from Mima & Grandpa’s house; and with a tear filled goodbye we officially hit the road for our cross country trip.  Before traveling south, we headed to my sister’s house up north for her annual New Years Day celebration.   We took advantage of her large driveway to set up camp and stay over for the night. 2016-01-26_0001Staying over for the night gave us a chance to go to church that evening and head out early the next morning.   Heading out early would be quick and easy because we were already packed and loaded.   One of the challenges of RVing in the winter is managing the cold weather.  As you can see it was cold that night and we burned through a bit of propane heating the space.  Below are some candids of the festivities.2016-01-26_0002 2016-01-26_0003 2016-01-26_0004 2016-01-26_0005 2016-01-26_0006 2016-01-26_0007