Magic Kingdom Day 2 | Christmas Party

Two days after the magical day 1 of Disney; we headed back to the Magic Kingdom for the half day pass and Christmas Party.  We didn’t know much about this special pass other than you can only get in after 4pm and you get to stay LATE and see the special Christmas themed parades etc.  2016-01-16_0001

First thing we noticed was the amount of decorating that they do just for this one day of the week.  Garland, Trees, Wreaths…2016-01-16_0002 2016-01-16_0003 2016-01-16_0004Even though our entry passes were “half day” we still got to pick 3 fast pass rides.   2016-01-16_0005 2016-01-16_0006 2016-01-16_0007 2016-01-16_0008Getting our quintessential main street photo from the paparazzi.   2016-01-16_0009 2016-01-16_0010Trip through the Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree House.  2016-01-16_0011Riding the Aladdin’s magic carpets .  (Thumbs down ride.  Not that fun) 2016-01-16_0012 2016-01-16_0013 2016-01-16_0014 2016-01-16_0015 2016-01-16_0016 The cast of Frozen performed a show on the main stage in front of Cinderella’s castle. 2016-01-16_0017 2016-01-16_0018For most of the light shows etc, I just put the camera away and watched with the girls.  We had to hold them to see over the crowd anyway so it was better to enjoy in person and remember.  2016-01-16_0019 2016-01-16_0020 2016-01-16_0021 2016-01-16_0022After the 9pm show, we found a Hoe-Down where the girls and I got to dance with some bears.  You don’t get to say that every day.  2016-01-16_0023Both of them were so excited to dance.  They even made a friend!  2016-01-16_0024 2016-01-16_0025 2016-01-16_0026We watched the fireworks far away from everyone else, while the paparazzi was trying to impress us with his night shot skills.   2016-01-16_0027This is a good behind the scenes shot also of our technique for lighting our selfies.   Jen’s phone has the flashlight on and mine takes the pictures with no flash.  🙂  Shhhh.  Top secret.  2016-01-16_0028 2016-01-16_0029What turned out to be pretty amazing about this evening was that there were essentially no lines on almost all the rides.  We let the girls pick a couple of rides only to go on so that we didn’t spend the time there on the rides alone.   2016-01-16_0030 2016-01-16_0031After a little shopping, we were working our way towards the exit and noticed that there was another parade happening.   I also noticed that we were standing with nobody around us at the “last turn” before the parade characters head behind the doors.  I took a chance and positioned ourselves on the ground and sure enough… EVERY character passed by us last before they disappeared.   The girls were FLOORED because each one made special contact with them.  2016-01-16_0032

As Elsa and Anna rode by they said… “Oh look at those two beautiful sisters!”  and waved…  You should have seen their faces.  (Sorry that was a moment for my eyes not the camera)  2016-01-16_0033 Olaf had a whole conversation with the girls.  2016-01-16_0034 2016-01-16_0035 2016-01-16_0036Cinderella blowing kisses and waving at the girls.  2016-01-16_0037 2016-01-16_0038And finally the fairy godmother gave a heart symbol gesture to Leighton and her face on the right was pure joy.   2016-01-16_0039 2016-01-16_0040 2016-01-16_0041I was called out by the soldier for taking hi picture… 🙂   2016-01-16_0042 2016-01-16_0043And Santa closed out the parade with a HO HO HO to the girls.

Since we were just about at the exit, we thought we would beat the rush and start towards the trams.  Last minute we looked to the right and saw this section setting up and noticed Santa walking over to sit and have photos taken with guests.  We had to jump at the opportunity and were the first ones in line.  We were able to take photos with No waiting in line.   2016-01-16_0044This couldn’t have worked out ANY more perfect.    2016-01-16_0045 2016-01-16_0046Our whole Disney Experience was truly amazing from beginning to end.  Something the girls will NEVER forget. Ok I won’t forget either.  🙂  2016-01-16_0047