Shayla Explaining what Food Allergy Symptoms are like for a 7 yr Old

Shayla wants to do her part whenever she can to help teach other kids about food allergies. Here is a (rediculously cute) video of her explaining what symptoms feel like, in her own words.

4 thoughts on “Shayla Explaining what Food Allergy Symptoms are like for a 7 yr Old”

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    Thank you Shayla for telling me what your allergic reactions feel like! You are a very brave young lady to share those with us, I couldn’t imagine what you go through.

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    Oh little Shayla,you remind me of myself growing up. It is not fun for a girl full of life like you to have to be deprived of so many things and places. Not to mention all the scary moments and pain everytime a reaction accours. I pray that you can outgrow all of those alergies like I did, at least for the most part, I still have a reaction Once in a blue moon, but I can live the closest to a normal life than was ever possible when I was growing up. Thank you for making this very educative video…you are way too cute!! Be safe always!💕

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    Shayla, you are the cutest ever! Thanks for sharing this very important information with all the kids (and adults too) out there who could be in danger from food allergies! Also, please thank your parents for raising you and your sister to be such awesome kids and for keeping up this blog so that others can keep safe! Love and health to you and your family always!❤️❤️❤️

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