Day 7 of 7 | What We Eat | Cooking with Food Allergies

Today is Sunday, the last day of the weekend!!!!  It also marks our 7   th day of seven of the “Free From” Top 8 Allergen meals we most often eat.  This series hopes to giving you a little glimpse as to what a typical week of eating top 8 allergy free, (free from dairy, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, fish, and wheat) is like.  I hope you have been following the other blog posts and have been enjoying them.  What we eat isour single biggest question we receive; (almost daily).  Everyone goes through the same reaction steps…  once they ponder our allergy list, and realize… “Oh wait….then,  WHAT DO YOU EAT?”   

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with Raisins, Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup

Lunch:  Avocado Chicken Guacamole with Organic Corn Chips and Carrot Sticks

Dinner:  Fajita Chicken Rice Pasta (um this is amazing)