Day 5 of 7 | What We Eat | Cooking with Food Allergies

Today is Friday, our 5th day of seven of the “Free From” Top 8 Allergen meals we most often eat.  This series hopes to giving you a little glimpse as to what a typical week of eating top 8 allergy free, (free from dairy, eggs, nuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, fish, and wheat) is like.  It IS our single biggest question we receive from everyone, once they ponder our allergy list, and realize… “Oh wait….then,  WHAT DO YOU EAT?”   

Breakfast:  Green Smoothie (Spinach, Pineapple, Apple, Pear, Flax Seed, Banana) and Blueberry Oat Coffee Cake

Lunch:  Sunbutter™ and Jelly Sandwich on Homemade Oat/Rice Flour (Gluten Free) Bread  | Apple and Enjoy Life™ Sunflower Seed Granola Bar

Dinner:  Southwest Crock Pot Chicken over White Rice (or with a side of sautéed broccoli)  

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    Would love to read more about your homemade bread experiences. Bread maker suggestions and recipes that have worked for you!

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