Our first Live Q&A is Online

Ou1Chance q&a screenshot

Some of the food allergy questions we answer on our first ever Q&A Live video are:

  • Lisa asks. Where do you find your recipes?
  • Lauren emailed us this question. When did you first learn that Shayla had allergies?
  • Phil asks. Will she outgrow her allergies?!
  • Sheila sent us a question via our website. What does a typical day look like with regards to food preparations and planning?
  • Terry asks. What is your grocery bill like?
  • J.C. asks. Was it hard to give up cheese?
  • Beth asks. Where do you learn the most about living with allergies?

Watch the rebroadcast of our FB video below. 

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    Reply Marc and Julie Bennett October 1, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    Loved watching this and seeing you all: the girls have grown so much since we last saw you in Florida! It’s always amazing to hear the lengths you have to go to to keep Shayla safe and healthy, and you are incredible. Thank you for sharing, I am sure this is enormously helpful for other families with allergies and is inspiring – as you always are – to us. Look forward to meeting up again. Julie and Marc ❤️

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