Wow 3 Days Left

Hi Everyone

For those of you that dont know yet, we have an induction date set for Monday September 15th!!! We are so excited to finally get to meet Baby Braga. Also to reveil her name. I dont know about Jerome, but this is killing me. This is probably the hardest secret I have ever had to keep. But I do give props out to everyone who tried to very sneakily (if that is a word) get the name out if me. It is very funny to hear people say, just tell me, I wont tell anyone. HAH

The nursery is almost done. Grandma and Grandpa (Pete and Laurie) will be working through the weekend painting (if anyone needs a painter, contact me, Pete does this for a living and it very good at what he does. I am not just saying that because he is my dad) Then we just have to bring up the furniture and make the room really girly 🙂 We will be posting pictures of the nursery soon.

Over the weekend Jerome has 3 weedings, so I will be taking it very easy so that I do not put myself into labor over the weekend 🙂 Then we go in first thing Monday morning. Keep a watch on the blog, we will have our camera and laptop in the hospital and will post as soon as possible.

With Love

Jennifer and Jerome and pretty soon Baby Braga