Update (and photo)

Hi everyone!

So we have about 2 more weeks until the blog turns pink or blue. I am very excited. This was probably the slowest 4 weeks of my life!!

I am feeling great though. I am still walking between 1.5 -2 miles on the treadmill everyday. Then sometimes another mile at night when we walk the dogs. This week we have done a lot of yard work. We made 11 trips to the dump. We took down some trees and pulled down lots of bushes. Wait until the luau, the whole yard is going to be very different than last year.

My belly is getting big. I have finally had to take out my belly button ring 🙁 That was a sad day. I think that I felt the baby move for the first time about a week ago (I am not sure though). Should be anytime now. Thats all for now. So hopefully the baby cooperates on May 2nd so that we can change the blog!!!