Holiday Festivities in the RV

This year, in preparation for our big trip, we have our house rented out until we return in April.  For the week and a half we came back for the holidays, we opted to just stay in the RV, hooked up in our own driveway.  For power, we hooked up to the house under two circuits, and used the garden hose connection for our fresh water.   The complicated part was the sewer tank dumps, but luckily our house next door has a septic tank.  So with that I went to Home Depot and made a 40ft long sewer line to connect the RV to.  2016-01-26_0008With all the hookups in place we were completely connected and ready to enjoy our Christmas time with family.  There was so much to do in that short time we were home.  So many things to get in order and take care of before we head out.  Cole got his shots updated at Dr Brothers’ place.  2016-01-26_0009

Jen and Shayla got their hair done at Suzanne’s.  More Christmas shopping had to be done.  Annual Bills had to be prepaid, etc.  So many things that our 10 days home were a whirlwind. 2016-01-26_0010One of our annual traditions is to bring some food and supplies to the local animal shelter.  The whole crew at the Wallingfore Animal Shelter is just amazing and as a thank you for our last 3 dogs, we feel obligated to give something back when we can.  2016-01-26_0011Annual baking  was a challenge this year. The RV oven is so small, by comparison; that we really couldn’t accomplish all the cooking we needed to for the family events.   One of the small sacrifices. 2016-01-26_0012Another small sacrifice this year was to keep a small tree, instead of our usual larger than life one.   2016-01-26_0013The girls decorated their personal tree this year as our family tree in the RV.   2016-01-26_0014With some 3M sticky hooks we were able to put the stockings up on the wall and that pretty much completed our decorations.   Like I said it was a huge sacrifice, but in a way it was quite liberating to not have to be forced to participate in all the typical madness.  2016-01-26_0015Our family ornament from our Disney trip made the top of the tree.  2016-01-26_0016Jen’s birthday falls in the middle of the month so we celebrated simply with a Shayla Free cupcake and some hand made gifts.  We didn’t exchange a whole lot in lieu of the large production ahead of us in our road trip.  2016-01-26_0017Leighton custom wrapped  a fake poinsettia leaf.  She made a bow and ribbon out of construction paper. 2016-01-26_0018And Shayla made a perfect card with a suncatcher.   2016-01-26_0019Andy came over for the birthday celebrations, and played bartender to some amazing Grinch martinis.  Life in 475sq ft actually seems pretty luxurious.