Potato Topped Burger Sliders | Top 8 Allergen Gluten Dairy Free

I know I know… this concept seems a little strange at first thought…. Take a minute for this to sink in and then go ahead and think about it some more.  Eventually this notion will sound GENIUS to you!  What is better than fries and burgers? How about fries, burgers, and bacon?!  The Fries ARE the buns!

In search of a wheat free, allergen free dinner; Jen came across this heavenly idea.    LOSE THE BUN!

So here are the steps.

Potato topped burgersSince we were working with medium russet potatoes they have to be sliced the long way in order to give them a little more surface area to hold on to.  If you have larger potatoes you can go ahead and cut them the across the short side and make perfect circles if you wish.   Potato topped burgersFor the four of us we cut 4 potatoes.   (Save the potato scraps/ends for the “appetizer” see below)Potato topped burgersOur Go To seasoning is simple:  salt and pepper (equal parts of about a tablespoon each), then 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1 teaspoon of paprika.   Combine them in a small container to sprinkle on the potatoes when they are cooking. Potato topped burgersNext step is to season the burger meat.  For the one pound portion of meat we have, there is 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, 1 tablespoon of black pepper, 1 teaspoon of salt, and 1/4 cup of ketchup.   Mix it all together and shape into mini sliders.   Potato topped burgersMake sure you always have someone watching you.  Potato topped burgersWe shaped our sliders into rectangles in order to better fit our potato tops.   Remember burgers this small will plump up tremendously when cooking so don’t be afraid to  push them down and keep them pretty thin to begin with.  Potato topped burgersWe cook almost exclusively on cast iron, and while on the road; we even use our flat top griddle for this type of meal.   Cooking the bacon first helps season the grill and gets this step out of the way early.  Potato topped burgersLine the potatoes up on the griddle or cast iron pan then season.  Cook them until they look like the potatoes on the right.   On our griddle cooking both sides of the potatoes only really takes about 10 minutes.  (Remember they are fairly thin)  Potato topped burgersRemember the scraps?  We chopped them into fries and used the rest of the fry seasoning to make a quick batch of appetizer fries.  The sliced potato tops and bottoms get put on a sheet tray and placed into the oven to keep warm until ready.    Potato topped burgersAfter the burgers are done it is time for assembly.  You can now build your slider however you want to.  We take 1 slice of bacon and rip it into 1/3’s for use on 3 sliders.   Try to find two matching potato slices for the top and bottom of your burgers.   For this meal we kept it nice and simple with just bacon, burger & potato.   Dipping them into ketchup is really all you need.  I dare you to try it.    Potato topped burgers

Some variations for those not allergic to dairy would obviously include a 1/4 slice of cheese. You could also dress it up with possibly a slice of a plum tomato.  Blue cheese crumbles… whatever.

This recipe as you see it is free of Egg, Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Shelfish.   There wasn’t even any added oil (like olive oil) added to this meal.  If you like this or think you know someone who should think differently about their food, SHARE IT!  You can still eat guilty without eating horribly.