Doctor just came in and examined Jen.  Great news as she’s dialating well now.  6cm to be exact.  Right now they are wheeling in all kinds of equipment, getting ready for the delivery.  It’s getting pretty exciting now.  Jen’s aunt Marie brought me a large iced coffee, so I’m ready to go.  Apparantly I have to help hold one of Jen’s legs up in the air during this whole thing.  I wasn’t sure I volunteered for this…lol  In about 2 hours, (10pm) The Doctor will be back in for another checkup.  They keep adjusting her Pitocin up and down to keep contractions going along properly.  She doesn’t really feel any pain.  In great spirits.  We are tring to get her to rest and nap.  Easier said than done.   I have to clean up the room a bit and prep also for delivery.