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Back in the olden days (as described by the girls), we set out on a little weekend family trip in our new to us 11-year-old travel trailer. The year was 2011.

(Like we said, the “Olden Days”) 

Fast forward four years later, we chose to wear out our hiking shoes instead of reluctantly wearing in our winter boots.
Now seven years after that winter trip; the world is our neighborhood, and our home stays warm all year long as we chase the weather and visit every Main Street we can.
As food allergy parents, we fight to keep our girls safe, alive, and thriving while giving them the adventure of a lifetime.
There is no end in sight, as we still have over a dozen states to visit!




We’ve been wanting to build this double desk setup for the girls for a long time. While Leighton was spending time with family in CT, we decided it was the perfect Daddy daughter project to pull off in that time.
Shayla and Jerome worked on this together to create this awesome cabinet with two folding hideaway desks that turn into the sides of the cabinet when not in use.
How cool is this!
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While Leighton was away for the past couple of weeks we decided to create the part of the bunk room we’ve wanted to expand on for a LONG time. Reaction is priceless. #rvrenovations #rvremodel #rvremodels #rvliving #rvlifewithkids #rvlife

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Texas 2016 road trip. This is one of our funniest locations We've stayed at because we laugh about the Google reviews. This was at Lady Bird Johnson, RV park. Which is exactly next to an airport. And the reviews were all often negative with people saying things like this park is really noisy. Obviously it has noisy times. It’s an airport..

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This month marks our eighth year traveling. It’s really hard to believe, and even harder to believe is that we feel like we are just getting started.

Thank you to everyone that encouraged us and keeps pushing us to live life to fullest.

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Have you ever made frozen bubbles? As long as the temperature is below 20°F you can watch bubbles freeze. They create some beautiful photos and time lapses. #frozen #frozenbubbles #freezingbubbles

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Are you guilty of this RV etiquette no no?

The old, sewer hose on the table mistake.

Yeah you might be leaving that campsite, but someone is about to arrive in your place. Most likely they will be hungry when they get there and look forward to setting up a quick lunch on that exact picnic table.

Don’t place things on the tables that you wouldn’t want to put in your mouth or on your hands.

(No tables were left dirty in the filming of this production)

Starring the very Special Agent ‘Babs’, Captian ‘Ludvig’, Tactical Chief ‘Gunther’ & Detective ‘Pom Pom’.

You’ve been warned! RVers be on alert. We are coming to an RV park near you. Be sure to stay tune for our new episodes every Tuesday airing on channels @our1chance and @shererjoyjounery as we bust RVers breaking the RV etiquette rules.

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So many grateful things to be thankful for this Christmas but what impressed us the most this year was the genuine compassion and thoughtfulness that our girls put into our presents and those they gave to others.

I wish we could share all the amazing little touches they included into everything they touched, but it would only sound boastful and that isn’t the point really. Just proud to be part of this little crew.

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!

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Did you know that potato peeler have little scoops on the ends to perfectly pop out any 'eyes' that exist? #potatoes #cooking #cookinghacks #hackingthekitchen

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Super easy hack to size down those gift boxes.

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Jerome rocking some camera hacks. Have you ever played around with bokeh templates?

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Happy Birthday Jen!
You are a blazing bright light in this often cloud covered world.
We are all so blessed to have you in it and love you so much. -your crew

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Who won the highway pong tournament???

Spoiler Alert: We never lose.

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I have always loved the Christmas Season. I love the decorations, the lights, and the movies! In this fast-paced life, it is hard sometimes hard to enjoy it though. Everyone has somewhere to be, everyone is in a rush, and there is just an overall lack of kindness. Christmas is a time for JOY! It's a time for friends and family to come together, laugh, and enjoy each other's company. It's a time for giving and a reminder of the blessings we have in life. Each year we try to give back by giving out bags to the homeless, donating to the local animal shelter, and baking for our law enforcement heroes and firefighters! We try to spread JOY to those around us and make a difference. We are so thankful that we have the opportunity to be able to give back wherever we are!

What do you do to bring JOY during this season?

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Yesterday Mary hosted this Gingerbread Competition!
The kids had 1.5 hours to complete their gingerbread houses in a timed competition!
We loved watching the creativity happening!
We walked over to the neighbors and asked a wonderful couple be the impartial judges!
Of course they kindly accepted the challenge.
They had a tough time but finally declared the winners!
Shayla took 1st place and Leighton took 2nd! Summer got 3rd place and Titus got an honorable mention!

In the end we did have to get rid of the houses because Florida = Ant problems 😂

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Ever wish your RV screen door had a removable window? We love letting the Sunlight in, but don’t always want to let in the dusk, no see ums or smells.

After 6 years our old plexiglass panel needed a refresh so here is the technique.

It fits right inside the channel of the door frame.
(We did put permanent plexiglass 1/4” panels on the lower portion of the doors to keep the dogs in.

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Partying past quiet hours! #busted
Most RV resorts and parks have specific quiet hours. These are necessary because let’s face it; the walls are thin in these RVs. Be courteous and aware of your noise level when you have gatherings.
Special thanks to the @simoncrewonadventure and @kufamba_thetravelingtribe for staring in our skit.
Putting RVers everywhere, on notice. The RV Etiquette Police squad is here because, well; someone has to tell you. Are you guilty of any of these offenses?
Always ready, and they’ll catch you faster then a built train!
Starring the very Special Agent ‘Babs’, Captian ‘Ludvig’, Tactical Chief ‘Gunther’ & Detective ‘Pom Pom’.
You’ve been warned! RVers be on alert. We are coming to an RV park near you. Be sure to stay tune for our new episodes every Tuesday airing on channels @our1chance and @shererjoyjounery as we bust RVers breaking the RV etiquette rules.

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What is your GO TO Christmas movie?
Ours is most definitely Elf.
#buddytheelf #elfmovie #christmasmovies

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Is Satisfying Saturday a thing? There is nothing more satisfying than cleaning the dirt out of our @torklift_international stairs!

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