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Back in the olden days (as described by the girls), we set out on a little weekend family trip in our new to us 11-year-old travel trailer. The year was 2011.

(Like we said, the “Olden Days”) 

Fast forward four years later, we chose to wear out our hiking shoes instead of reluctantly wearing in our winter boots.
Now seven years after that winter trip; the world is our neighborhood, and our home stays warm all year long as we chase the weather and visit every Main Street we can.
As food allergy parents, we fight to keep our girls safe, alive, and thriving while giving them the adventure of a lifetime.
There is no end in sight, as we still have over a dozen states to visit!




Have you paddled on any of the Florida springs? One of our faves is Kelly Rock springs at the @kingslandingfl drop in.

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Needed to come up with a way to keep the waxes/polished up on the ladder with me while I detail the RV. #zipties #ziptie #lifehacks #lifehack

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Was able to set up the GoPro to catch our neighbor coming back from her lunch run. (Bonus points of you know the song by heart)

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Come on spring! You got this!

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Epic sunrise this morning! #photoshop #landscapes #sunriselover #100daysofcamping2023

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But what about sports? It’s a question we have been asked since being on the road. Our kids do plenty of sports

+ Soccer
+ Basketball
+ Baseball
+ Kickball
+ Paddleboarding
+ Gymnastics
+ Swimming
+ Pickelball

These are some of the sports our kids have done! While it isn’t necessarily organized sports they are learning how to play as a team! They are making their own decisions, making mistakes, and figuring out how to solve problems!

What sports do your kids do?

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Love watching this little family. Have ever seen a Sand Hill Crane feed their babies? Sandhill Crane chicks can leave their nest within 8 hours of hatching, and are even capable of swimming! These cranes have one of the longest fossil histories of any extand bird.

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Are you heading to the Northeast this summer? If so you have to go to Cape Cod! It’s where we first started RVing before we went full time! We hadn’t been in a few years and this past summer we finally made it back there!

We wrote a blog post about all the must sees there!

Click on the link in bio!

Have you been to Cape Cod?

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Do you know what game this is?⁠
Apparently, it's concentration; it's one of the chosen games the kids played and kept themselves (all age groups) occupied for hours. They played Soccer, Twister, Concentration, Schiraccha, Mafia, and Night at the Museum. ⁠
Needless to say, everyone slept well last night. 😉

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“We just need to look around us for a little inspiration. Like discovering a heart shape in a majestic sandstone wall of Antelope Canyon 💕"

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Every year we make all kinds of home made cards for each other from each of us. Tonight's dinner of Portuguese paella courtesy of Jerome and vegan cheesecake minis for dessert. #perfection

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We’ve been wanting to build this double desk setup for the girls for a long time. While Leighton was spending time with family in CT, we decided it was the perfect Daddy daughter project to pull off in that time.
Shayla and Jerome worked on this together to create this awesome cabinet with two folding hideaway desks that turn into the sides of the cabinet when not in use.
How cool is this!
#rvlife #rvinspirations #rvrenovations #rvlifestyle #rvremodel

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While Leighton was away for the past couple of weeks we decided to create the part of the bunk room we’ve wanted to expand on for a LONG time. Reaction is priceless. #rvrenovations #rvremodel #rvremodels #rvliving #rvlifewithkids #rvlife

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Texas 2016 road trip. This is one of our funniest locations We've stayed at because we laugh about the Google reviews. This was at Lady Bird Johnson, RV park. Which is exactly next to an airport. And the reviews were all often negative with people saying things like this park is really noisy. Obviously it has noisy times. It’s an airport..

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This month marks our eighth year traveling. It’s really hard to believe, and even harder to believe is that we feel like we are just getting started.

Thank you to everyone that encouraged us and keeps pushing us to live life to fullest.

@gorving @thousandtrails @bwtrailerhitches

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