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Back in the olden days (as described by the girls), we set out on a little weekend family trip in our new to us 11-year-old travel trailer. The year was 2011.

(Like we said, the “Olden Days”) 

Fast forward four years later, we chose to wear out our hiking shoes instead of reluctantly wearing in our winter boots.
Now seven years after that winter trip; the world is our neighborhood, and our home stays warm all year long as we chase the weather and visit every Main Street we can.
As food allergy parents, we fight to keep our girls safe, alive, and thriving while giving them the adventure of a lifetime.
There is no end in sight, as we still have over a dozen states to visit!




DIY vanity light for the RV bathroom.
What do you think?

Parts included were a cheap donor vanity light for the sockets, 3/8” black pipe parts to make the T bracket, 12v Edison light bulbs and wireframe shades.

#diy #rvrenovation #blackpipelighting #blackpipe #rvbathroom

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Of course! An Urban Scavenger Hunt for a birthday outing!

Remember those corporate team building games that we had to do at each convention?

We adapted the idea and made it a kid friendly adventure for Leighton and her friends for her birthday. We are always on the search for experiences over things, but even though we were in Hershey, PA the amusement park was just not something we wanted to do.

After much deliberation and a brilliant midnight lightbulb moment, we crafted a riddle hunt between our RV and the @shererjoyjourney RV.
The next morning they kids were at it. Solving riddle after riddle then, after solving the final riddle the mission was revealed.

An Urban Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Hershey. We drove downtown and let them get out and create. (You can view/download our list and riddles on the blog – Link in Bio).

The prize for completing the hunt was yet another riddle that lead everyone to an nearby arcade where they filled buckets full of tickets to spend on ‘prizes’ (and I say that loosely lol)

Have you ever done anything like this? Highly recommend and with the exception of the arcade it was free and we ALL enjoyed it.

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Have you ever stayed in a Yurt? We love the space they have! They have such a cozy, home feeling.

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Have you ever been to The Smoky Mountains in the fall? If not add it to the list! It’s magical!

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Tell me you are a Full-time RVer without telling me you are a Full- time RVer

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The sky was unreal during this rain!

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First color of the season!!!! Do you love the foliage like we do?

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It’s so crazy to think we have been exploring this amazing country for 7 years!! The memories we have made for our girls is something I hope they carry with them forever!!

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Time to swap out tank tops for sweatshirts! I don’t know how we accumulate so many clothes so when we change clothes over for the season we also purge what we don’t wear! How do you keep your closets organized?

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RV life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows! Ok maybe there are a lot of rainbows 🤪

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Settle down? What does that even mean. We are going into our 7th year on the road and people have asked if we ever plan to stop traveling and settle down. The thing is we are settled. We have our home. We love our home. It just parks in different spots of the country!

Even though it’s been 7 years I feel like there is still so much to see! The struggle is we are never in a place long enough to get bored. Because of that there is still so much yet to live and see!

Where would you call home?

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Any guesses how much this costs? This has been one of my favorite RVs for a few years! It’s the DRV Fullhouse toy hauler! The counter space is unreal! It has tons of storage inside and out!!

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Our AC fan broke in the middle of the night and it sounded like a plane crashing into the RV 😱 Thankfully Jerome was able get the part quickly and repair it! He also added a Soft Start so that it requires less power when it kicks on if we are on 30 amp or using the generator!

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Our baby… and just like that 14 of our 18 summers has passed.

Happy Birthday Leighton!

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Saw a few of these pantry’s at the Hershey RV show and I am definitely all about them!

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What’s your favorite RV hack for seasonal decorations?

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9/11 #neverforget

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2103 vs 2022 We went to Portland Head Light on one of our first RV trips! We had to go back this year and recreate this awesome photo!

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