Grill Scraper Father s Day Giveaway

Our friend over at Designable has created our favorite grill scrapers that we use almost daily on our Camp Chef Pro 90x.  And as a special Father’s Day giveaway he created a ridiculously exotic scraper for you to win!  You can go to his links below and buy one NOW (20% off thru June 9th) or wait until Friday to see if you win.  (Or do both!)

Custom Exotic Wood Grill Scraper Giveaway

Item is constructed with the following wood species: walnut, cherry, purpleheart, zebrawood, maple, canarywood, white oak, makore, bloodwood, black locust. It has been coated with food-safe mineral oil (buy it here, which should be routinely done to keep the item from cracking and looking good.

4″ x 12″ x 3/4″

suede leather strap for hanging.
follow @designableco on Instagram for build progress photos of the things that they make.

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