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New Topic Every Week

Be sure to add the hashtag #rvhashtag to the actual post, not in comments, and your page must be public for the community to see your contributions.  Otherwise, just enjoy the inspiration and share with your friends. 

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Let’s talk shoe storage!
Uh I know. Actually ours is pretty simple and has been working fairly well the past few months.

This post is part of a new series we are trying to kickstart called the #rvhashtag project. Each week we will come up with a new topic everyone can participate in by following the hashtag itself or head to www.rvhashtag.com to get the next ideas.

If several people would also post about the topics we can all see each other’s just by following the hashtag!

So let’s see your shoes! Good or Bad. 🙂

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This week’s #rvhashtag project topic is to show off your favorite wall, wall decoration, or wall ideas.

This is hands down the easiest for us to show, since we love our state map. Listen as we explain how we made this (yes we made it) and what it all stands for.

Next, show off YOUR favorite wall decoration and hashtag it so we can all check each others out throughout the week.

If you want to see the topics for the next few months, head to rvhashtag.com

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This week’s #rvhashtag topic is: What is your favorite camp chair? Currently ours is the @keltybuilt low back folding chair.
We love having one chair to carry to gatherings and fire pits, and the cup holders are large enough to keep our Yeti 30oz secure.
We are secretly missing the chairs we gave away in the fall, but will probably get at least one more of them to fill the void.

What is your favorite camp chair? Share it with us and the #rvhasthag community. @rvhashtag
(Not a sponsored post)

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