We are Jen, Jerome, Leighton & Shayla.   This is our journey.  JER_1617

Where does OurOneChance.com stem from? Read the official announcement page by clicking here; but the short story is it is probably a cumulative blend of opportunities, necessities, desires, and dreams.  All those things made clearer through living our life with an Allergy Kid.  Our youngest daughter has allergies to the “Top Eight” as well as the “Allergy Trifecta”  Follow us along this journey as we try to make the most of what we have in this life.  If you are interested in healthy (allergy free and Top 8 free*) food recipes, follow along.  If you are interested in learning about how we came to grips with and deal with our food allergies, follow along.   If you are interested in RVing, Camping and Travel, Follow along.

This is Our One and Only Chance.

If you’ve come across this blog via the food allergy channel, you will want to read some essential posts first.  First start with Shayla’s back story and hopefully learn a little of the symptoms, our self diagnosis, our professional diagnosis’ etc.  The Back Stories of Shayla are in a series of about 7 small blog posts.  Read these blog posts first as this sets the tone for quite a bit of the purpose for this blog.


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