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Your life isn't going to wait for you to be ready. This is your 1 chance, my 1 chance; our1chance

Jerome Braga
Co-Pilot of the O1C Journey.
Bought our 1st RV - 2001 Starcraft 30ft Bunk House
Bought our 2nd RV - 2013 Sunset Trail 28BH
Bought our 3rd RV - 2014 Bay Hill 385 BH

Food allergies are extremely dangerous because they can cause life-threatening reactions like anaphylaxis. This is when the throat closes, and the victim is unable to breath.  Many allergic reactions can cause death. The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction are hives, nausea, vomiting, dizziness fast heartbeat, and tightened throat. When someone eats something that they are allergic to, it can cause their body to react almost instantly. 

We are clean living, restless, passionate, life seekers.  We are avid foodies and creatively weave our way through the toxic grocery shelves in search of safe allergen-free foods to help feed our family; while satisfying the urge for a delicious indulgence.  Currently, the allergens that we must avoid in our diets are Dairy, Egg, Peanuts, Tree Nuts.  Our youngest daughter Shayla is anaphylactic to those 4 ingredients. 

Our careers as professional photographers have opened up opportunities across the US for us to travel and work for some of the biggest brands in the RV industry.   We create content, branding and marketing for businesses throughout the country.   

Who are the artists in your family? I can give you a hint who is not in our family- It is me 😂
We recently played iPad Pictionary and I clearly am the worst drawer. The good news is that I made everyone laugh uncontrollably.

What are your favorite family games to play?

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As an anaphylactic allergy warrior, it is ALWAYS a struggle to find safe food for Shayla. For the most part, we only eat organic fresh food (first because we had to, but still do because we want to also).
Did you see our story the other day about the bag of grapefruit from BJ's that had listed Milk as an allergen in the wax coating? WHAT! That would be potentially deadly for her. Every label, EVERY TIME.
So whenever we can visit a farmers market that we know they don't just take produce from a box and throw it on a table as if was grown from their 'farm' lol. Ever notice many farmers markets' produce have item code stickers on them? Yes, the same ones that you see at the grocery store. That is not a farmer's market it's a popup grocery store.

For us a farmers market, although fun; is still a struggle, if not more so, because we have to verify where they sourced their items. We've also seen 'farm stands' that the owner is eating mixed nuts, or popcorn with butter and serving produce to whoever is purchasing.

Ultimately we find huge success in finding food at farmer's markets that have many vendors and we always find a local organic farm to give our business to. We almost ALWAYS stop at farm stands and don't always buy something. We have become pretty trained to navigate these.

Do you farmstand/farmers market?

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We are so proud of this pup! He has come such a long way. We have worked really hard training him in social situations to not be interested in other dogs and to not freak out when a random toddler comes running at him to pet him. We have struggled with our other dogs in the past because we never put as much effort into training them in social situations. We never really had to because we were in a house and we didn’t take them everywhere like we do Chance. Even though he is only 2 and ridiculously energetic he is getting the hang of it!

Do you bring your dogs everywhere with you?

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This week’s #rvhashtag project topic is to show off your favorite wall, wall decoration, or wall ideas.

This is hands down the easiest for us to show, since we love our state map. Listen as we explain how we made this (yes we made it) and what it all stands for.

Next, show off YOUR favorite wall decoration and hashtag it so we can all check each others out throughout the week.

If you want to see the topics for the next few months, head to rvhashtag.com

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